2021 Commercial Interior Design Trends

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Blog

Each year, we like to publish a summary of the current design trends so that you can stay informed and see if any of them are a good fit for your business space. When updating the look and feel of your space, consider that the way you design it can serve as an extension of your company brand, mission, and values. Matching design personality with company culture can enhance brand awareness and set a proper, welcoming tone for visitors.

2020 seemed to be a year of reflection for many businesses, giving them time to reassess how the design of their space was functioning for employees and visitors.  Thus, we have seen a significant shift in design in 2021. Here are some trends to be aware of when designing your commercial space this year and into the future.


Many employees have grown accustomed to working from home, so creating a relaxed and home-like, comfortable atmosphere has become even more of a focus of the design and aesthetic of the workplace.

Resimercial design blends the comforts of residential design with the high-performance functionality of a commercial space.

Resimerical features include:

  • Mix of textures/silhouettes
  • Natural light/ambient lighting
  • Wool rugs, large curtained windows
  • Classic house plants
  • Comfortable seating
  • Durable upholstery
  • Natural fibers
A Sense of Home at Work

Carta | Photo and Design by GH+A Design Studio (Source)


Many companies have shifted to open concept office design over the years in order to increase collaboration. Now, flexible workspace layouts are more important than ever, and businesses and organizations are rethinking the interior design and layout of their space in order to provide a safe, protected workspace.

Functional layouts can accommodate employees’ needs by providing smaller, private areas and “pod areas” with sufficient work space, seating and outlet access.

Another functionality focus is opting for design elements that can be easily cleaned, sanitized, and maintained. Don’t forget to account for touchpoints such as elevator buttons, door handles, etc. You may want to include hand sanitizing stations to make employees and visitors feel safe.

Flexible Work Spaces


Improving your outdoor space is a great way to expand capacity and functionality. You can add patios or rooftop areas to ensure that you are prepared if and when capacity limits are imposed on your business. Offices and other commercial buildings can leverage creative outdoor spaces such as shared terraces and outdoor break/lunch areas.


Even if you don’t have many windows, there are other options when it comes to light, such as using diffused light, artificial lighting that mimics natural lighting, and adding ground-level plants outside of windows that help protect against sun glare. Matte, non-reflective flooring and wall finishes are popular options when selecting materials that will help control light in your space. Employees have reported feeling 15% more creative and productive when surrounded by natural elements at work (Geaves)


Pairing old and new design elements together can result in a delightful combination. Mixing metal finishes provides an unexpected but satisfying effect. Old design components help balance out the new and modern elements.


Geometric patterns in larger areas, such floors and walls, contribute greatly to the look and feel of your space. These bold elements are memorable and many times significantly impact how “photogenic” your space is.


Commercial interior design is once again fully embracing curves. Consider using arches in your space to add style and charm to otherwise boring, square doorways. Plus, the way the arch is shaped and finished means that it can evoke a variety of different styles that match your business’s personality.


Allied Maker Showroom (Source)


Glass is easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for partitioning the office space without segregating the team from one another. Plus, glass partitions do not compromise the existing layout and design of an office and allow for light to flow through the space. Glass partitions are a neutral design element that complement the existing space, rather than clashing with it.

Ultimately, your business’s interior design should help to build a lasting connection with clients and customers by telling a story. People resonate with companies that provide a rich experience. Commercial design should be custom tailored to your unique organization depending on how customers interact with the brand.  As long as the design is functional, memorable, and clearly communicates your firm’s vision and goals, all who visit should be left with an enduring, positive impression.

In the end, it’s wise to design human-centric spaces that represent the company mission and leave room for growth and technological advancement.  We hope that you can use some of the ideas and inspiration in this post to inject variety and innovation into the design of your commercial environment.

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