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Emerald Inc. works as a team as they help their partners create beautiful commercial spaces. This team is comprised of remarkable individuals.



Quinten has 35 years experience in the building industry.
He loves to watch and play sports, but is also content to watch an old movie, see a play, or a musical performance for entertainment. He is also a big fan of, and looks up to, imaginative pioneer, Walt Disney. He appreciates how Walt Disney was sentimental and nostalgic for the past, but also celebrated the possibilities of the future.


Office Manager

Janel has 25 years experience in clerical, bookkeeping, and office administration.
She loves her children and loves doing things together as a family. One of her favorite activities is going to movies. She can also spend countless hours enjoying architectural details and interior spaces. Janel loves music, sunshine, and traveling.


Senior Project Manager

Vance has better than 25 years experience in commercial sales and sales leadership. He currently loves spending time with his wife and 4 children in south Gilbert. They love to laugh, sing, and spend time quoting their favorite movies. Vance enjoys working with our customers and helping to make their dreams become a reality.


Project Manager

Ron is a great asset to the team, having 20 years of experience in construction.  During his 10 years in commercial construction he served as project manager, overseeing completion of many tenant improvement projects.  Ron enjoys doing upholstery projects, which has been a hobby of his since age 13. You may have even had a seat on some of his fine work if you’ve ever visited Liberty Market in Gilbert!  Ron is happily married and has 7 children and 9 grandchildren.  Another fun fact– during his time working on corporate aircraft interiors, Ron serviced Donald Trump’s airplane!


Director of Business Development

Colin achieved his MBA at Grand Canyon University.  He enjoys implementing his art and graphic design skills on the job to help market the company.  He also likes to computer program, cook new recipes, hike, and visit Trader Joe’s and Disneyland in his free time.