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The Amazing Benefits of Architectural Renderings

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Blog

Have you ever looked at a set of blueprints and tried to envision how a building will look after construction?  It’s difficult!  At Emerald Inc., we understand that clients need to visually see how their building will look at project completion.  Luckily, our preferred architect partners have the skills and software to create a visual model of your end product. If you aren’t already familiar with it, the technical term “rendering” refers to a photorealistic image that is generated from either 3D or 2D models using a computer program.

Benefits of Architectural Renderings

Gadzooks Epicenter

Gadzooks Epicenter architectural rendering by Space Bureau Design Build, LLC


  • Realistically visualize the architecture of a new project
  • When a client needs revisions, architects can easily make changes to the design before the project ever starts
  • More effective communication regarding design and ideas between clients and architects

How Do I Get a Rendering for My Project?

Wicked Rain

Wicked Rain architectural rendering by Designers of Progressive Architecture

The first step to realizing an architectural rendering for your project is to get with an architect or a design-build team, like Emerald Inc., and go through all the details of the vision for your space.  You will need to provide the specifications for the layout, colors, materials, furniture, etc. Next, a 3D or a 2D modeler converts that idea into something that’s visually pleasing. Finally, after the architectural model is created, the frames are rendered using software designed to render architectural models.

Let’s say you’ve received your rendering– now what?  Review the look and feel of your space, the layout, and the placement of all the design elements.  Is anything wrong or does part of the render look off to you?  Now’s your chance to let the architect know so that they can make changes to the model prior to construction, until you feel that it exactly matches your vision.

Case Study: Shoreline Financial

Shoreline Financial

Shoreline Financial “Before”

Shoreline Financial

Shoreline Financial architectural rendering by Finn Architects LLC

In Shoreline Financial’s case, it was especially important for the architect to generate a rendering.  This was not only because the Town of Gilbert requires renderings for exterior work, but also because we were going to need to undertake an extensive amount of work to the outside of the building in order to give it a fresh, updated look.


Aren’t architectural renderings fun to look at?  We think they are fascinating and exciting because they allow you to see how amazing your space will look before it is ever built.  In addition to allowing you to visualize your new-build, remodel, renovation, or tenant improvement project, architectural renderings are a great way to ensure that no details get lost in the mix.

Whether you need to build a healthcare facility, general office, restaurant, or other space, the benefits of architectural renderings apply to all types of construction.  Emerald Inc. is looking forward to assisting you with your construction project and getting you architectural renderings if you need them. Email us today or call us at 480-832-9808 for a no-obligation construction cost breakdown.


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