Commercial restroom design construction

Rethinking Commercial Restroom Design

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Blog

Although we haven’t seen any studies yet that specifically indicate that public restrooms are COVID-19 transmission points, history has shown that other viruses have spread there. Thus, it’s no surprise that the pandemic has the commercial real estate and construction industries taking steps to revamp commercial bathrooms, in the hopes that at best they can prevent the spread of infection, and at the very least make occupants and visitors feel safe. In this post we cover features you may want to include in your brand new or renovated restroom.

Innovative Commercial Restroom Improvements to Consider


If your bathrooms are outdated, now might be a great time to remodel and add some of the features below.  If you are in the planning stages of a new build, take advantage of  the opportunity to implement some of the components below to made your restrooms more “pandemic-proof”, or just more efficient in general.


1. Automatic Doors

  • Touchless means less germs

2. Dedicated Entrances and Exits

  • Improves flow of traffic and reduces close interaction

3. Centrally Located Sinks

  • Reduces crowding

4. Floor-to-Ceiling Partitions

  • Helps prevent germ transmission that can occur via air borne toilet plume that is expelled from flushes
Commercial restroom design construction
Commercial restroom design construction

5. Smart Toilets

  • Auto-closing lids contain plume

6. Waterless Urinals

  • No urinal plume, less costly, less splash-back

7. More/Higher Capacity Soap & Towel Dispensers

  • Keeps up better with increased handwashing

8. Better Ventilation

  • Filter out microbes, germs, & bacteria.

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In the end, it makes sense that, in the wake of COVID-19, we may see more restroom regulations in the coming years, including rules regarding how many restrooms and fixtures a building needs to have based on the number of people using the facility, and design requirements that aim to support social distancing. Ultimately, it’s clear that the restrooms of yesterday will not be sufficient for the future.

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Commercial restroom design construction