by | Jan 14, 2020 | Blog

Drone usage in the construction industry increased by 239% in 2018 (Drone Base). So, why are builders adopting drones at such a rapid rate?
Drone benefits include:

  1. Aerial views provide a different perspective, making it easier to plan, monitor progress, and identify issues
  2. Real-time insights from drones result in quicker decision-making
  3. Easier access to hard-to-reach or dangerous places increases construction safety
  4. Drones reduce the time and labor required for land mapping/surveys and increase survey accuracy
  5. Using drones is safer than in-person inspections and walkthroughs
  6. More efficient collection of waste and inventory data
  7. Better ability to monitor employees and workers
  8. Improved security and safety of employees and assets
  9. Eventually drones will transport goods and delivery will be faster than by traditional vehicles

“[Using drones] I can tell how many square feet of roof we’ve put down, how much square footage of concrete is left to pour. If we’re trying to figure out truck access, we can measure the width of a road or gate or how much room we need to clear out for material to make the site clean and organized.”


-Ryan Moret

With drones adding so much value in construction, it’s no surprise that it is projected that drone use will be at over 25% of all construction projects by 2020 (My Dear Drone). Furthermore, usage will increase even more as drone technology continues to improve.