What are As-Builts?

While most people are familiar with blueprints, you may or may not have heard of “as-built” drawings.  As-Builts show how the contractor built the project and identify any changes that were made– they indicate the exact dimensions, geometry and location of all elements of the job. They are sometimes called red line drawings or record drawings.  This set of drawings is submitted by the contractor to the owner at the end of a project.  But, why is it so important for owners, landlords, and property managers to ensure they have a copy of their property’s as-built drawings?

The Importance of As-Builts

Without as-built drawings, there would be no up to date record of the property floorplan and how it has changed since the original blueprints.

Benefits of As-Builts

  • They allow you to compare what was originally planned and what has actually been built
  • Facility management and operations can meet issues faster, streamline maintenance, and better prepare for emergencies.
  • Owners can save money due to improved operations and speed
  • The renovation process is easier because owners don’t have to research existing conditions.
  • Contractors will be able to give accurate bids instead of cost estimations and be better able to deal with any problematic situations before they emerge

How do As-Builts Differ from Measured Drawings and Working/Shop Drawings?

Measured drawings are simply drawings created by taking measurements at the site.  If the last version of as-builts had an error, measurements taken in person may differ. Working drawings, on the other hand, are made before construction starts and they contain shop drawings, which specifically detail the specifications of components and how they will fit into a building.  These drawings are helpful for coordination of the construction team and need to be approved.


At Emerald Inc., we strive to make the as built drawings for your project as clear and useful as possible. The details we record include clear labels, descriptions, and notes that explain changes in dimensions/location, material changes, obstructions encountered, locations of utilities and more. We also detail the dates of any changes, record changes made as a result of inspections, and include shop drawings. We prioritize project data collection and recording so that we can easily hand-off the project to you.

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