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Inspirational Quotes About Building, Construction, & Architecture

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Blog

Quotes related to construction can be inspirational for anyone because we are all “building” something, whether it be healthy habits, a new business, better relationships, or anything else. We are the architects of our lives and our destinies, so if these inspiring messages are good enough for draftsmen and builders, they are good enough for anyone who wants to do better at what they are passionate about.

Construction Quote by Frank Lloyd Wright

Thorough planning is as vital in other fields as it is in construction. Executing the well-thought-out plans that support your end goal critical! 

Measure Twice Cut Once Quote

Taking an extra second to double-check a measurement for accuracy can save you from wasting time and material.  Sure, it may slow you down a little bit, but it will be worth it!  The same thing goes for fields other than construction– it’s important to plan and prepare carefully before taking action.

Build Quote

Can you clearly visualize your end goal?  If not, take some time to brainstorm and nail down all the details of your vision, so that you can break that larger goal down into smaller, actionable steps.

Build It Well Quote

A good reminder that whatever you are building today, give 110% of your effort!  There’s no better feeling than saying at the end of the day you did all that you could to be successful.

Dreams Quote

Ideas are powerful. Some of the best ideas started as a sketch on the back of a napkin. Dream, plan, and then execute the steps that will lead you to realize your dream.

winston churchill quote

What we build is not only reflects who we are and what we value but also has the ability to impact lives in a positive way.

rome quote

If something is worth building, it is worth building right.  Emerald Inc. focuses on quality so that whatever we construct will last a long time.

something bigger quote

We all play an important part in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and look from a different perspective at the bigger picture.


We hope these quotes gave you some inspiration that will help you build better today.

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