Subcontractor Spotlight Bullseye

Subcontractor Spotlight: Bullseye Painting Company

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Blog

As a general contractor, Emerald Inc. has many go-to subcontractors that do quality work at competitive rates.  We push them to deliver the best possible work at the lowest prices they can for our clients.  We’d like to kick off our new “Subcontractor Spotlight” series with a company we’ve been working with for many years– Bullseye Painting Company.  Bullseye is one of the contractors that has consistently done awesome work at a great value.  Read our interview below with Bullseye’s owner, Ruben, to find out more about Bullseye Painting Company and more about paint in commercial environments.

Emerald: “How long have you been painting and how did you get into it?”


Bullseye: “Since 1992. I began working in the field in retail/manufacturing in college, where I learned the chemistry of paint and after graduating I was a sales rep for a paint manufacturer for 10 years. In the automotive paint sector I learned spraying and tinting/matching.”

Colorful Paint Rollers

Emerald: “What should clients know about paint in a commercial space?”


Bullseye: “Choose high-quality coatings that are going to last a long time and be able to endure the rigors of a commercial space.

Sheen is also important as many commercial spaces are going with smooth walls so shiny paint can magnify imperfections in drywall so go with the lowest sheen possible to reflect less light. It will give a softer look and still be washable/durable.

Consult with your general contractor so they can give you expectations so you can be prepared while your space is being painted (communication).”

White Paint Roller

Emerald: “How important is color psychology when selecting paint colors?”


Bullseye: “Typically in a retail space you want to incorporate your brand colors.

I suggest neutral colors with a splash of color as to not take away from the product you’re selling. In an office setting, the same rule– neutral with brand/company colors weaved in tastefully. For medical or institutional settings like a school, I suggest neutral calming type colors.

My rule of thumb is to go with your gut. It usually won’t steer you wrong.”

Boston Market Exterior Paint

Emerald: “A little-known fact about paint that you would like to share?”


Bullseye: “All paint manufacturers these days make coatings that are both low-odor and most have zero VOCs. Meaning that today’s paints are very safe to use and don’t smell bad. A Lot of people get concerned with odor and employee safety during painting.”

Fusion Power Paint

Emerald: “What sets Bullseye Painting Company apart from other paint companies?”


Bullseye: “I feel that one of the main things that set us apart from other paint companies is the combination of experience in the field and in manufacturing. Our flexibility to get challenging jobs/projects done and our approach to making your project a success.”

Interior Designer



Thanks for reading!  We hope you enjoyed this opportunity to hear from a paint expert.  Thanks to Ruben for participating and to Bullseye for their continued efforts on Emerald Inc. construction projects. 

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