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Subcontractor Spotlight: The Resident Plumber

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Blog

As a general contractor, Emerald Inc. has many go-to subcontractors that do quality work at competitive rates.  Our goal is to find expert subcontractors who deliver the best possible work at the lowest prices they can for our clients.  We’d like to continue our “Subcontractor Spotlight” series with an amazing company we’ve been working with for many years– The Resident Plumber.  The Resident Plumber is one of the contractors that has consistently done awesome work at fantastic value.  Read our interview below with one of The Resident Plumber’s owners, Kristi, to find out more about their company and more about plumbing in commercial environments.

The Resident Plumber

Kristi and Richard, owners

Emerald: “You’ve been serving Arizona since 2001— how have you been so successful as a plumber for so many years?”

TRP: “We are proud to serve our community and we work hard to provide quality customer service.  Richard is reliable and responsive.  When our customers need something done, we try to accommodate every need as soon as we can. Our mission at The Resident Plumber is to be helpful and provide a product that is value driven.

Emerald: “Why plumbing? How did you develop a passion for plumbing?”


TRP: “Richard started out as a plumber when we had two small children, a mortgage and a car payment.  He was the low man and took a paycut to be trained as a plumber.  He knew the potential of learning a skill that takes time to learn and grow in.  He had an instant knack for it and even boasts at how quickly he was put in his own truck.  He started in the underground phase of plumbing, which was a blessing because it taught him how water flows and drains.  It gave him a good understanding of a complete project.”


Emerald: “What is your best plumbing advice for commercial clients when it comes to remodeling/building out their space?”

TRP: “When it comes to remodeling, it is easy to go over your budget on time and money.  We always recommend hiring a builder that will provide quality service and quality subs who have experience in the commercial products they are planning.   Emerald Inc is always looking out for the details that are important to our customers, and ensuring that the customer has a product they are happy with.”

Emerald: “A little-known fact about plumbing that you would like to share?”


TRP: “We have gone into offices to replace brand new medical gas lines because they were not installed by  a qualified tradesman.  Make sure when you hire your GC that the tradesmen they are using are qualified and certified to complete your project.  Some products require additional certifications beyond a license. We have a special certification that allows us to install medical gas, vacuum and air lines for dental, veterinarian, and medical offices.  Don’t get stuck with someone who is not certified.  You will have to have your medical gas redone and it will cost you thousands of dollars.   Also,  there is no such thing as a flushable wipe.  “Flushable Wipes”  are rootered out of drains everyday.”


Emerald: “What is the most frequently asked question you receive about plumbing in a commercial space?”

TRP: “Local building codes have increased the cost of building and as materials and labor have gone up in prices, we often hear, “Why is it so expensive?”.  Our skilled tradesmen know how to get the job done, and we provide a quality product at a competitive price.

Emerald: “What would you say is the biggest plumbing misconception?


TRP: “Professional Plumbers do a lot more than clear drains and install garbage disposals and faucets.  It has taken Richard decades to become the skilled plumber he is with a special skill set for building out tenant improvements and installing plumbing from the ground up. He has worked hard with his team of plumbers to mentor them to provide a high quality of work for our customers. All Plumbers are not created equal.


Emerald: “What is the most challenging aspect of your trade?

TRP: “Plumbing is a lot of hard physical work, and requires a lot of mechanical skill and years of training. There are not a lot of new workers entering the trade.

Emerald: “What is your favorite/the most rewarding thing about being a plumber?”


TRP: “It is very rewarding to see the process from start to finish, and stand back and recognize the hard work that went into the building of these projects.


Emerald: “Is there any plumbing technology that you are excited about?”

TRP: “PEX Piping is one of our favorite plumbing products because of its reliability, and versatility.  It is used above ceiling grids in place of copper piping, which tends to leak over time and is more costly to install, repair, and reroute.”

Emerald: “Does every commercial space need an ADA restroom?”


TRP: “Every commercial space must have an ADA bathroom, and every bathroom in a commercial building must be an ADA bathroom.  The guidelines on ADA bathrooms are more strict than ever.”

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Thanks for reading!  We hope you enjoyed this opportunity to hear from a plumbing expert.  Thanks to Kristi for participating and to The Resident Plumber for their continued efforts on Emerald Inc. construction projects. Don’t forget to check out their website!

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