by | Nov 19, 2019 | Blog


It may be a good time to remodel the interior and/or exterior of your business if the company has grown bigger, demand for your product/services has increased, or your business strategy has shifted. But, is investing significant capital into giving your space a fresh look really worth it? In order to help you with the decision, we’ve identified the best reasons to do a commercial remodel:

    1. Better align your look with your company culture and mission
    2. Showing off an updated location via marketing will project a successful image and enhance brand awareness
    3. Renovating can increase traffic to your business because it peaks the interest of passersby
    4. Send the message you are relevant by keeping up with changing styles and trends
    5. Make a great first impression on visitors and set the proper tone.
    6. Boost productivity and efficiency through space optimization and increased functionality of work and storage areas
    7. Increase flexibility of the space
    8. Make employees and clients feel more comfortable
    9. Improve employee morale, engagement, and focus
    10. Increase safety
    11. Make room for growth and set your company up to expand!
    12. Reduce operating and maintenance costs through implementation of more energy efficient materials and components
    13. Opportunity to rebrand
    14. Attract top talent by conveying that you are a passionate company that invests in its work environment
    15. Eliminate signs of wear and tear
    16. Create better work-life balance by providing convenient areas for downtime or exercise

Whichever of these reasons are important to you, a remodel clearly has great potential to prepare your organization for the future. You might even consider involving staff in renovation decisions by asking for their input.  A renovation takes a lot of planning and can be stressful for facilities teams that coordinate them, especially if the project goes over budget or past schedule.  Emerald Inc. is experienced in minimizing any negative impacts to day-to-day operations.  We can help you take a remodel as far as you want to– sky’s the limit!  Reach out to us today so that we can work with you to design the commercial space that will take your business into a happier and more prosperous future.