Tobler Law Conference Room

Since 1997, we have built out many office spaces. We have discovered several items that are often missed and can make an impact on the budget of the new owner. We thought we would share what we have learned.


1- Are there air conditioning units already installed and do they work?

This will have a big impact on your final cost per square foot. Some locations have been sitting for some time.  For example, we helped a client built out space for his business. The location had been vacant for many years.  The good news was that there were three HVAC units. The bad news was that one of them was beyond repair.


2- Are the walls and deck insulated?

Sometimes the insulation is left off until the final interior planning is done. This obviously incurs a higher cost than a facility that had it already installed.


3- What are the association fees for each location?

Nearly all places have fees but they an also vary greatly.  When choosing between properties make sure you know what fees are required.


4- Are the interior floors poured?

Some spaces have un-poured floors. The reason behind this was they don’t know where the plumbing will need to be, so they just leave the floor open.  Others leave a channel open for plumbing but have a floor poured.  Finally, some location have the floor poured and if they need to add a bathroom or sink they would need to cut the concrete flooring to do it.


5- Is there a current termite certificate?

If not you will be required to have one.  If there is it will provide some more peace of mind.


6- Have the impact fees been deferred?

Government often requires impact fees to be paid by those that build a location.  However, they can defer those fees and not pay them until final construction.  You could be surprised when you realize you have to pay for impact fees.


7- Which utility companies are available at this location?

This is generally only an issue for data utilities.  Some businesses need cable internet.


8- Do you see signs of heaving concrete due to expansive soils?

One of the advantages of using a perviously build space is you can see if the construction was able to overcome the expansiveness of the soil which often will cause cracking in tile.


9- Do you know the options for financing?

Businesses often feel they have financing through their bank. However, there are several issues that come up and their financing falls through.

We can refer you to some people that specialize in helping you find financing that is right for your business. There are lots of options and they are expert at knowing how to access all the options.


Finally, we have found that the earlier a client starts working with us the more we can help them accomplish. We can forsee challenges, provide alternative options to achieve your design goals and stay within your budget.

If you would like some preliminary numbers to help you obtain financing we are happy to help.  Just call 480-832-9808 or email us with your project details at .