I enthusiastically recommend Emerald Inc.!  Working with Emerald to build our law office was a really fabulous experience.  Emerald went above and beyond, meeting with us several times before the actual building began to fine tune every detail.  Emerald made sure we got exactly what we wanted and that we got it within our budget.

The Emerald workers who were on site every day of the build were friendly and professional, and I always knew that they were paying attention to quality.  When something wasn’t done to their high expectations, they stopped and fixed it right away.

I was also impressed with all the sub-contractors that Emerald used during the build.  The sub-contractors reflected the same friendliness and professionalism of Emerald.

I loved how our office turned out!  Every day I come to work and am happy to be in this beautiful space that Emerald built.

Maren Tobler Hanson

Litigation Attorney, Tobler Law