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New Refer & Earn Program (Get Paid When Your Referral Signs a Contract With Emerald Inc.!)

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Blog

We have some EXCITING news.  We’ve been thinking about ways to reward the community for trusting Emerald Inc. with their construction projects.  We recognize that there are many competent general contractors out there, so it is a great honor for us when we are selected to build your office, restaurant, warehouse, retail shop, or anything else! So, when you help Emerald Inc. to secure a new contract, we want you to share in the success!  Read on to learn more.

Why We Love Referrals

One of the biggest compliments we receive is when you tell your friends, family, or business partners about us.

For us, a referral means that we have built trust through our words and actions so that you feel confident in giving our name out as a commercial construction company that can be depended on.

We are very proud of the positive testimonials that clients share about their great experience of working with us, so we share them often in order to give prospective clients an idea of what they can expect when they hire Emerald Inc.

While these testimonials are awesome for their own reason, spontaneous word-of-mouth recommendations can be an even better source of referrals because they are more personalized and better timed.

Only YOU know when your circle needs help with construction because they mention it to you first when looking for advice, so we decided to offer you a reward based on that idea.

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Refer & Earn

Finder’s Reward Details

As of June 11, 2021, we are implementing a new referral reward program– we will pay you 1% of the construction costs* for any project you refer to us that we complete.

Example: your referral signs a contract that includes $100,000 in construction costs, you get $1000.

In other words, the more your referral spends on construction, the more you earn!

You can expect your finder’s reward to be paid out to you via check, after the successful completion of the referred project.

*Construction costs do not include P&O or sales tax.

Ideas for Generating Referrals

Sharing Emerald Inc. can be as simple as texting a family member, emailing a business contact, direct messaging someone on Instagram, or posting a recommendation on Facebook or Linked in.

An easy way to secure a referral is to forward our biweekly email newsletter to someone that you think may be interested in using our services. You can also send them to this page, where they can enter their email address in order to subscribe to the newsletter.

Helpful links to share include Emerald Inc.’s Instagram Profile, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, or simply link them to the current projects page on this website, or to the main blog page.

We offer a form on our website that your contacts can fill in to request a quote for their project.

One more way you can refer Emerald Inc. is to share Emerald Inc’s recent project overview PDF.

If all else fails, you could always just hand them an Emerald Inc. business card– ask us for a stack of them next time you see us!

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At the end of the day, YOU are a big part of why Emerald Inc. is successful. 

We sincerely appreciate you mentioning our company to anyone, and we promise to deliver exceptional value to all clients, your referrals included.

Don’t forget– in order to maximize your rewards and to help out your fellow Arizonans, tell everyone you know who has commercial construction needs to contact us at 480-832-9808 or !