SA Recycling hired Emerald Inc. as a General Contractor for our project. What we received in return was more than we expected. Emerald Inc. was more of a project partner than a contractor for us. It should go without saying that the work provided to us was excellent quality and professionally executed.

One of the things that impressed us with Emerald Inc. was their shared ownership in our project. Each conversation with Quinten always included him asking “What Can I Do to Help?”.

We found Quinten and his staff to be accessible. They were active in project discussions, proposing options, provided professional sub-contractors and the flexibility needed to meet our extremely tight deadlines. Having Quinten Merrill on speed dial was a huge part of our success with this project.

We would like to take this opportunity to recommend Emerald Inc. to others for their project needs.

Best Regards,

Teddy Graves

Project Manager, SA Recycling