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Before we break down the process, what exactly is tenant improvement (TI)? A TI is when you configure a rental space to meet the needs of a tenant, such as changing walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, and more. TI can be simple or complicated, depending on the space and the type of business, but we’ve created a list of common steps to provide an overview of what a tenant might expect when doing a commercial build-out.


Steps of the Tenant Improvement Process
  1. TI Allowance & Lease Negotiation
  2. Commercial General Contractor(GC) Selection
  3. Design & Planning
  4. Preliminary Cost Estimate
  5. Sign Contract
  6. Plan Review & Permitting
  7. Construction
  8. Weekly Progress Reports
  9. Utility Setup
  10. Final Inspection
  11. Final Walkthrough & Punch List
  12. Certificate of Occupancy
  13. Closeout Documents
Tips for a Successful TI
  1. Plan early, before signing a lease
  2. Plan with future growth in mind
  3. Work with your space, not against it
  4. Balance wants & needs
  5. Think from the perspective of clients/patients/customers/employees
  6. Be realistic about your budget
  7. Discuss plans with the landlord
  8. Ask for free/discounted rent as a tenant inducement
  9. Consider having the landlord manage and pay for the TI
  10. Plan a timeline that will minimize disruptions
  11. Set aside a contingency fund in case the TI goes over budget/past deadlines

Emerald handles any type of TI job you can imagine– new-builds & remodels of dental offices, medical offices, restaurants, ghost kitchens, warehouse/industrial flex, office space, and more. Call us at 480-832-9808 or email us today to set up a consultation– we’d love to work with you!