Traditional Design-Bid-Build construction suffers from many downsides:

    1. Delays due to redesigns and rebids
    2. Increased fees due to redrawing and repricing
    3. Increased tension between owner, contractor, and design team
    4. Risk of losing financing due to delays
    5. Permitting delays
    6. High risk of change orders
    7. Risk of exceeding budget

Design build solves most of these issues because we, as the general contractor, act as a single point of responsibility and the owner’s agent in order to coordinate the entire design-build team.  This ensures a high level of communication and project schedule control.

Through design-build, we strive to solve as many development and design challenges as possible at the initial stage of a project.  Emerald Inc. uses many years of experience and knowledge to provide accurate preliminary project costs, while carefully balancing design and budget for the optimal result.  The Emerald design-build team analyzes the site and building programs, prepares conceptual design solutions, solidifies costs, and quantifies the project schedule from concept to delivery.

Here’s what to expect from Design-Build:

    1. Concurrent design and pricing
    2. Better anticipation of complexity
    3. Less conflict
    4. Better communication
    5. Less change orders & delays
    6. Faster delivery
    7. More Innovation

In other words, design-build is the most efficient process because multiple steps occur in parallel (see below), reducing completion time and project cost.