Week of June 20th:

Roofers are 100% completed including punch list.

Plumbers are all trimmed out and punch list is complete.

Electrician’s are complete including punch list.

National is complete with fire sprinklers and has been signed off by City Fire Inspector.

ACT is 100% complete with intrusion alarm.

ACT has been signed off for operation of Fire Alarm System by City Inspector with one exception pertaining to the mechanical contractor. The HVAC units are required to shut down the Zone when a unit sees smoke, they were shutting down individually. This has been corrected and will be reinspected by City on their next visit.

CHPS is complete.

Painters have completed their punch list.

Landscaping has completed all irrigation piping and is ready to receive plants and HD on Monday.

Emerald Inc has completed the install of hardware and specialty items.

The cleaning crew is scheduled for Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning June 27th or 28th for building cleaning.

Civil as-builts and testing data will be turned into City for review week of June 27th, following completion of landscape as-builts.